We all love a cheese and wine night... but have you ever wondered how the whole cheese and wine matching works, and how you can pair your favourite cheese with your favourite wine?

We have got your back! Here are some quick, simple cheat tips for pairing Wine with Cheese:


Cheese and wine tips from The Cheese Barrel

Get those taste buds working!

1. Pair by flavour intensity: age is only one factor to consider when pairing cheese and wine; also take into account saltiness & pungency of the cheese along with wine structure & sweetness. For example: a fruity sweet rose with a creamy salty washed rind.

Ohh it feels good!

2. Think texture: look to either complement or contrast. Bubbles in sparkling wines pose a nice counterpoint to a rich cheese by scrubbing your tongue clean & making you want the next bite. Try out a dry brut with a rich triple cream brie.


The opposites attract... sometimes

3. Salt loves Sweet: salt in cheese heightens the perception of sweetness in the wine. Sweet wines beautifully balance the saltiest of cheeses like a hard Grana Padano, blue cheese or feta. Experiment pairing your blue cheese with a Liqueur Verdelho.

It’s a tanning attraction!

4.  Watch those tannins: As tannins literally bind to protein and fat, tannic red wines are terrific with rich, aged cheddars, cleaning your palate after each bite. Tannic wines are too astringent to pair with young cheeses as they attach to the little fat that is available, often leaving you with a bitter sensation and a metallic aftertaste.

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There you go! You are now ready to rock that cheese and wine night! Take lots of pics and tag us so we can be a part of it too ;)

Mariane Bornelli