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|Four generations of wisdom in every drop|

Wines crafted with knowledge passed down through the years with a passion for quality produce and respect for the land


Immerse yourself in our wines made from 100% Swan Valley grapes

Olive Farm, the home of The Cheese Barrel


The olive farm family

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After moving to our new location in the Swan Valley in 2006, we decided to create a space where people could enjoy a glass of Olive Farm, in a more relaxed setting. With nearly 80 different cheeses, there is at least one to match with your favourite bottle of Olive Farm.

Overlooking the beautiful Susannah Brook, with plenty of grass for your kids to run and a sandpit to keep them entertained, The Cheese Barrel is the perfect escape, even for the whole family.



What a clever idea, mixing wine and cheese...well OK, whilst the idea isn't unique, The Cheese Barrel is...an initiative by Olive Farm Wines designed to give you the best of both worlds, the wine and cheese worlds...

Set a few steps from the OFW winery, you’ll be sure to find The Cheese Barrel’s enormous range of cheeses (nearly 80), Olive Farm wines, and delicious accompaniments the perfect setting to graze your way through a good time.


We love our space. Created by award winning designer and family member Michael Yurisich. The Cheese Barrel has taken out two state awards for design along with the Olive Farm Cellar Door being the winner of three state and national awards. We’re proud as punch!!